Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chicken & Noodle Soup, and Buttermilk Pie

Dec 06 2014

Cousins who live in Florida stopped in yesterday to visit and we went out for Mexican food. The restaurant is the only decent one we have in town besides fast food.

Today I had leftover chicken saved for making noodle soup. I had a pie shell that needed used so decided on a buttermilk pie with some real whipped cream for our dessert. I made it early and used Emeril’s recipe from the Food Network. It said to bake at 350 deg. for about 25 minutes. Mine was in for 35 minutes and could have stood more; it didn’t set up completely but was still good!

After lunch my wife went shopping, when she got home she asked “you know how much I saved?” I said no how much did you spend! I had just started to make the broth for the soup.

I had some take home and bake garlic knots that needed used. We usually like saltine crackers with our chicken and noodle soup but these tasted good.

I made some whipped cream after supper and had that on my pie. I got to try out my immersion blender I bought a couple of months ago. It’s a Grundig and I really like it. I liked the pie and whipped cream too!

Soups done

My supper

Pies done

My dessert

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