Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beef and Cheese Casserole

Dec 10 2014

A casserole is an easy meal to fix and makes for comforting food on a cool winter day. Just have a salad or some veggies and some bread and butter and it’s an easy meal to fix. I had some shredded cheese that needed used so I bought a pound of ground chuck at my butchers; all I needed was a recipe. I found this one for Beef and cheddar at Food Network by the Food Network Kitchen.  It also used some wide egg noodles I had on hand and sounded good to me.

I had a loaf of good take home and bake bread so I baked that before starting the casserole. I like to bake my own bread but when I can get a loaf already made and just bake it for about 10 minutes and it’s as good as I can do from scratch it’s just too easy!

I got my noodles boiling and cooked them about 4:45 and by 6:10 I had this on the table. While the casserole was baking my wife made up a mixed Romaine salad for us. Our son had to work so we had the grandson for supper and the DIL ate when she got here from work.

The shredded cheese I had was two different Mexican mixes and a little cheddar. After eating it I think about any kind of cheese would work with this. Since I was using ground chuck 80-20 mix I removed some of the grease but left some for flavor. I am beginning to love the Penzey’s 4S salt but I use it sparingly since it is heavy in salt. I sprinkled some on top and the red from the smoked paprika in it gave it a nice color. I had blue cheese dressing and French fried onions on my salad.

We all liked this and think it is among the best casseroles I have made. I think what really adds a great flavor to this dish is the sour cream and parmesan cheese added to the noodles.

Click here for link to recipe

All but the sour cream and ground beef

 Cooking the noodles

Noodles, sour cream and parmesan added

Beef browned and peppers and onions added

Tomato paste and diced tomatoes added
plus Italian seasoning

Beef mix over the noodles

Shredded cheese and 4S salt added

Some good crusty bread

Casserole done

My supper

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