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Apr 30 2014

I had some left over boneless pork loin ribs and wanted a recipe to use it up and needed something with sauce since some of it was dry. I found this recipe for Japanese Yakisoba that looked good. Then my plans changed; my wife’s 96 year old aunt is home with a full time nurse and needed some chicken and noodle soup they could puree for her. So I bought a split fryer and would use half for chicken and noodles and half in the Yakisoba for tonight’s supper. I’ll freeze the leftover pork for later.

I cleaned the chicken this morning and got it in the fridge to dry awhile. I started my Traeger and heated it to about 250 deg. I rubbed a little Hellman’s mayo on it and some MoRockin seasoning and got it in the smoker and eased up the temp to 350 deg. It took just over an hour to get it to 175 deg. breast IT.
When it had cooled some I made up the noodle soup and used the meat from a breast. My wife took it down to her aunt along with the leg quarter and a wing for the nurse before supper.

For my Yakisoba I used the meat from a breast and a leg. I made up the Yakisoba sauce and prepped all the veggies. It went together pretty fast taking about 20 minutes. I heated up some Naan bread with a little olive oil drizzled over and Penzey’s sandwich sprinkle.

The wife and I really liked this recipe; we both went back for seconds. I think it is a great recipe for a little on the healthier side while using up some of your leftover BBQ chicken or pork.

The chicken

Onions, carrots, celery and garlic in

Chicken added

Napa cabbage added

Sauce and mushrooms added

Green onions and noodles added

My supper

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