Friday, May 23, 2014

BOLM Sandwiches and Potato Skins

May 22 2014

I haven’t done much cooking out for the past two weeks. I have been busy with yard work and getting my garden in and flowers planted. My wife has been providing supper; carry ins mostly from my friend Sandman’s carry out. Last night I had a Ham & cheese sub and a potato skin.  Sandman makes his potato skins with some good cheese and his home cured and smoked bacon. They are delicious.

It was a wonderful day to be out and working; a sunny 75 deg. with a nice breeze. After running some errands this am I cut some drip hose to use for my tomatoes in my raised garden and I got the last of my flowers planted. It was about 3:00 when I finished.

I was planning on carry ins again for supper but I had some of my butcher’s bacon and some buns left. A BOLM, bacon, onion, lettuce and mustard sandwich sounded good. I would rather have a BLT but can’t take the hot house tomatoes. So this is the best for me, a BOLM

I got the bacon on my Traeger a little after 3:00 and took just about an hour, half at 250 deg. and then 350 deg. to get the way we like it. I had 8 slices so we each got 4 long slices for our sandwich.

About 5:30 we each made our own sandwich. For mine the bacon equaled two half slices wide stacked 4 high just about right. I put the mustard on the bun first, the bacon, a slice of Vidalia onion, some Tatonka dust, and a couple pieces of Romaine lettuce. My wife had a BLM, bacon, lettuce and mayo on hers. We both warmed up one of Sandman’s potato skins to have too.

That was an almost effortless meal that tasted great. The Tatonka dust added a little zing to my sandwich.

Bacons ready

A little mustard and a little bacon

A slice of Vidalia onion and some Tatonka Dust

Topped with lettuce and bun


Potato skin topped with sour cream and 4 pepper corn blend

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