Thursday, May 15, 2014

Leftovers and Kraut

May 13 2014

I had some brats, hot dogs and old fashioned bologna left from Saturday’s great party with three members of LTBBQ forum. We all had dinner at my place. My friend from Beer & Wine Depot stopped in for a while and brought one of his great pizzas. We got to meet a lady member from the area for the first time and the other member was from South Africa. He was in the states on business and it was a delight to meet him.  We had a wonderful time.

I made some mashed potatoes this morning and after mowing grass I got our supper in the crockpot. A layer of onions, some diced garlic, 3 brats 2 Hebrew hot dogs, a slice of old fashioned bologna; I topped that with some of my homemade kraut, salt and pepper. It was on high a couple of hours and then on low an hour when I boiled some egg noodles and added them for an hour.

I topped some focaccia bread with a little olive oil and Za’atar seasoning and heated in a 350 deg. oven about 8 minutes and served it with the kraut mix over mashed potatoes. Tasted good even in warm weather.

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