Monday, October 28, 2013

Turkey Meatloaf and Scalloped Potatoes

Oct 27 2013

Trying to cook a little healthier for my wife I decided to have a turkey meatloaf tonight. I found a good recipe using sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese by Giada De Laurentiis at food network. I had some of my oven dried tomatoes I could use instead of buying sun dried.

I had some southern style white gravy left I could use to make some scalloped potatoes and a few carrots for a veggie side.

We had a late lunch today so planned on supper at 6:30. I had thawed out a ground chuck patty to add to the pound of ground turkey. I mixed up the meatloaf early and in the fridge.

I heated up my Traeger at 5:00 to 325 deg., 350 grill level. I sliced up about 6 potatoes and coated with some of the gravy; half went into a casserole and then some white cheddar, a little more gravy then the other half of potatoes topped with the rest of the gravy and some panko bread crumbs. I cleaned the carrots and sliced into sticks.

I nuked the potatoes, covered for 5 minutes and then got them and the meatloaf on at 5:30. I left the potatoes covered for 35 minutes then uncovered. About 6:20 the meatloaf was coming up to temp so went in and sautéed the carrots in some butter with a little ground cumin and coriander. At the last minute I added a little maple syrup to glaze the carrots.

At 6:30 the meatloaf was at 165 deg. IT so I brought it and the potatoes in. The grandson popped in from playing and decided to stay and eat so I set another plate for him. In all the hustle serving the cook kind of got the carrots overdone, scorched, well I burnt the darn things!

All tasted pretty good; we all liked the meatloaf. The grandson has it made if he happens to like what I am having he stays; but if he doesn’t he goes home to eat!


Ready to mix

A layer of potatoes w/sauce and cheese

Topped with another layer and panko bread crumbs

Ready for the smoker

All done

My Plate

Peach cream cheese pie for dessert


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