Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tapas Sunday

Aug 25 2013

It was a nice day to cook out and we had Tapas style food for lunch and supper. It was also quiet without the kids or our grandson popping in, kind of too quiet.

I had smoked a batch of my Cajun crackers Friday so we had meat and cheese on those for lunch. My meats were some summer sausage and ring bologna from my butcher Kah’s, and some chorizo from Meijer’s grocers. The cheeses were some Benedictine cucumber cream cheese spread, wild garlic Gouda, bacon white cheddar and baby Swiss.

I studded the ring bologna with some slices of fresh garlic and smoked it along with the chorizo. I did it on smoke mode for an hour then went to 275 deg. and finished to 165 deg.

My lunch tasted great along with some Victory Festbier to wash it down.

Garlic Ring Bologna and Chorizo

On the smoker

My Lunch

My supper was bacon wrapped asparagus, artichoke hearts and two pieces of chorizo for me. I knew my wife would not want the chorizo. My side was some Minute multi-grain medley, made of brown, red and white rice and quinoa. This is something new and very tasty. I boiled it in veggie broth then cooled and added some small diced carrots, celery and some Italian dressing for a salad.

Supper was great and love the bacon wrapped artichoke hearts.

Veggie wraps made

All done

My Supper

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