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Chicken, Asian slaw and Fried Green Tomato Stacks

Aug 17 2013

Last night I mixed up some of Kimmie’s, the wife of a fellow LTBBQ member, Asian slaw to marinate overnight. It would go well with some chicken and fried green tomatoes. I had a large tomato that fell off the vine and was just starting to turn red. That’s what I like to use for fried green tomatoes, they are sweeter than using all green ones.

About 20 years ago we celebrated an anniversary by going to Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Columbus, Ohio. We had fried green tomatoes for an appetizer; the best I ever had. It was alternated layers of fried green and red tomatoes 5 or 6 high with the best cheese sauce over. I tried a couple of times to duplicate the sauce but didn’t succeed. I would try again.

I did two fried green tomatoes, a fresh yellow tomato in the middle and the cheese sauce over for each stack. The sauce was a can of Campbell’s cheese soup, a teaspoon of Worcestershire, a ½ teaspoon of white pepper and a few drops of Cholula hot sauce. It’s getting close.

I sliced the tomatoes, a little salt over, and drained for an hour. My breading mix was some flour, crushed saltines and cornmeal with a little pepper. I dipped the green tomatoes in plain flour, some egg and cream wash, and then in the flour mix. I let them rest in the fridge at least an hour.

I had a split friar to do but wanted to try some Korean red pepper flakes and some Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce so I cut it in quarters. I seasoned one of the leg quarters with the Korean red pepper flakes and let all air dry in the fridge about 4 hours.

Our daughter in law dropped off the grandson and had some of Kimmie’s Asian slaw before going to work. She loved the slaw.

When I was ready to do the chicken I rubbed on a light coat of Hellman’s mayonnaise and some Lawry’s seasoning on the 3 quarters without the red pepper flakes. I put the chicken on my Traeger at 325 deg. leg quarters on the right, the hotter side. I figured at least an hour and 15 minutes but the leg quarters were getting done early and about 25 deg.  ahead of the breasts so I swapped sides to finish them. I brushed my quarter with the Mae Ploy sauce the last 15 minutes.

When the chicken was done I started frying the tomatoes and brought the chicken in to rest. I made up the two tomato stacks, we were going to share with the grandson but he didn’t want to try them. He ate chicken and the slaw which he liked.

My wife said the chicken was tender and juicy and we both thought the tomato stacks were very good.

I liked my Korean chicken and the red pepper flakes and chili sauce will be great on wings.
Chicken ready for the fridge

Sauce ingredients

Flour mix

Tomatoes draining

Tomatoes breaded

Yellow tomatoes

Tomatoes frying

Seasoned chicken ready to smoke

Chickens done


My Plate

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