Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ham, Green Beans and Potatoes

A favorite meal around here when the fresh green beans are ready in the gardens is ham, green beans and new potatoes. My butcher says they know when the green beans are ready because they have a run on smoked ham hocks. I had a ham bone froze from a smoked ham shank I smoked for ham salad and a few pieces I saved. I had a nice mess of pole beans from my garden and bought some baby gold potatoes to use.

At 1:00 AM I put the ham bone in my Crock pot with a quart of chicken broth, about a quart of water, two celery stalks, a carrot and some salt and pepper. I set it on low. At 11:00 I took the ham bone out and let cool. When it cooled I shredded the meat and added it to the pot along with the pieces of ham. I added the potatoes, green beans and a Vidalia onion I sliced and quartered. I set the Crock pot on high for about an hour then back to low until supper time.

This made a great meal and wished I could have it more often. I served it with some cheese rolls I toasted under the broiler with some gorgonzola chive garlic butter. 

Ham Bone

In the Crock pot with broth, celery and carrot

After 10 hours on low

All done

My supper

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