Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brat Burgers and Sweet Potato Stacks

Aug 09, 2013

I had some brat burgers thawing out and found a recipe for sweet potatoes done in a muffin pan. I have done other things in a muffin pan and like using one. Whatever you do in one it makes for one nice serving for presenting. I knew the sweet potatoes had to be good; layers of sweet potatoes with Swiss cheese, crumbled bacon in between, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of heavy cream for each one.

I had a six hole muffin pan so I made up the sweet potato stacks in four of them. I par boiled some sliced carrots to fill the other two topped with salt, pepper and a pat of butter.

I preheated my Traeger to 325 deg. which would give me 350 deg. at grill level. I covered the muffin pan with foil and did it for a half hour. I removed the foil and all looked almost done so I got my brat burgers ready to go on. I seasoned the brats with a little Stubb’s pork rub and put them on my grill grates, smooth side up. I topped the brats with a little mustard and flipped after 15 minutes. In another 10 minutes I added some Swiss cheese slices to the brat burgers and took the muffin pan in. I then took the brat burgers in.

I had a slice of Vidalia onion and mustard on my sandwich. The sweet potato stacks were great; I could have eaten two but settled for one along with the carrots.

Link to Sweet Potato Recipe

Making up the stacks

Seasoned Brat Burgers

On the smoker

Brat burgers ready for some Cheese

My Supper

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