Friday, August 16, 2013

Chili Dogs and Potato Salad

Aug 15 2013

In 1958 I was 16 and lucky enough to be able to buy my first car, a 1947 Ford Coup. A favorite Friday and Saturday night was to cruise in & out of the B&K Root Beer drive inn, in Van Wert, Ohio. I had to have a couple of chili dogs with onions, French fries and a mug of root beer and flirt with the car hops. That drive inn still opens every summer.

My oldest daughter had given me a can of Rudy’s chili dog sauce; she said it was their favorite. I looked them up and it’s a local place in Toledo, Ohio at two locations. I was getting hungry for some chili dogs!

My wife and grandson were going to meet his Mom after her work and go out to eat; a good time for me to have my hotdogs. After lunch I made a batch of Justin Wilson’s picnic potato salad to have with my dogs. Justin Wilson was a Cajun story teller and cook. He had one of the earlier cook shows on TV that I enjoyed watching. I loved his Cajun accent and his recipes; the potato Salad is my favorite.

I opened the Rudy’s sauce to heat up, and added about a cup of some cooked ground beef I had. I did
the dogs on my Traeger on Grill Grates. I like them charred and cooked until they burst and no matter what else goes on I have to have a little mustard. I thought I had shredded cheddar but only had some Swiss and 4 blend Mexican so I had one of each.

The hotdogs tasted great and satisfied my hunger for some chili dogs. Rudy’s sauce was good; not the best I have had but had some nice heat to it.

Printable Potato Salad Recipe

Potato salad ingredients except the celery

All in but the eggs

Mixed and eggs added

Ready to chill and get Happy

For the hot dogs

Dogs are done

A little mustard and chili sauce

Some onion and shredded cheese

Ready to eat

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