Sunday, August 4, 2013

Double Burgers with Swiss cheese, tomatoes and lettuce

Aug 03, 2013

I cooked an arm roast all day on the smoker for Sunday’ supper. I didn’t have much time to get ready to cook tonight’s supper. My burgers would be done ala Wing Commanders method. He is a fellow member of Lets Talk BBQ.

He does his on the bottom, smooth side, of Grill Grates. He does his at a higher temperature than I do on his Green Egg. I did mine on my Traeger at a lower temp; but I get some good browning of the burgers.

If anyone uses a pellet smoker and does not get the browning, searing, they like I recommend the Grill Grates. They really work well.

I got my steamer pot ready to do some corn on the cob, on my gas burner. I put my two Grill gates on the smoker bottom, smooth side up; and eased the smoker to 325 deg. I got my steamer pot steaming and added the corn. It would take about 20 minutes for the corn and I would have time to get the burgers cooked.

I made up 4 meatballs from ground chuck for some thin burgers. I had some fresh tomatoes, from my garden sliced up; some Romaine lettuce and Swiss cheese for the burgers. I served them on some toasted wheat Bolillo rolls with mustard.

I sprayed a little olive oil on the Grill Grates, placed the meat balls on and smashed to thin patties. I did them about 10 minutes on a side and added the cheese to two of them to melt. I placed the plain patties on the ones with cheese and made up our double cheeseburger sandwiches.

The steamed corn was good topped with my gorgonzola chive garlic butter. My wife and I both loved the sandwich. Having 4 sides of the crispy brown goodness on one sandwich adds a great flavor.

My patties were not as nice as Wing Commanders and I over melted the cheese trying to make sure I got some pics for all. They were still good!


Corn is ready

Burgers are done

My Sandwich and Corn

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