Friday, July 6, 2012

Breakfast grits topped with Cheddar and an Egg

On pelletheads forum, we have had discussions on grits; how we like them and white verses yellow. Grits are an American dish coming from Native Americans. White and yellow grits are both coarse ground cornmeal; the color coming from white or yellow corn. Hominy grits were made from ground hominy but is a rarity today. Most of the white grits found today in groceries has been de-germinated for longer shelf life. Some yellow or speckled grits has not been de-germinated and will have a slightly different taste.

I have always used white grits and wanted to try yellow. All I could find locally were coarse ground cornmeal, Bob’s Red Mill, which would qualify for grits. I cooked up a batch using one cup of cornmeal, water, 3 TBS of bacon grease and 4 TBS of butter. I placed a good portion in a bowl, topped with some shredded sharp cheddar, a pat of butter, salt & pepper, and an egg. I placed this under a broiler until the egg was cooked. This made a good breakfast.

I have fixed grits & cornmeal probably more ways than most folks over the years. Grits are good just plain with lots of butter & salt, add about any kind of cheese you like. Top them with some grilled shrimp, BBQ chicken wings, or crumpled up bacon.

Make up a batch & pour in a loaf pan & let set up in the fridge. Then slice about 1/4 inch thick & fry until crisp in bacon grease, butter, or olive oil. You can also add bacon or ham to the grits when you cook them. One tip to cut down on the popping when you fry it is to coat it with flour first. Serve the fried grits with butter, salt & pepper or pour some maple syrup over it.

Fried mush is the same except it is made with cornmeal and I have done this on the smoker. And then you need some eggs & toast or biscuits with it, and don't forget bacon, ham, or sausage. Cornmeal & grits are versatile and only your imagination limits the way it can be used.

The grits cooking

Cheese and butter added

An egg added

My Breakfast

Smokin Don

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