Saturday, July 7, 2012

Apple, cheddar, and onion tart

I know this is a lot of photos for one little ole tart but several are to show the new tart pan my wife bought me. The first tart I did on my smoker I used my corning ware tart pan & mentioned I should get a metal one for the smoker. I should know better, when I mention I would like something she thinks it’s her duty, or she just likes to shop, to go out and buy me one. Ninety percent of the time she comes home with something different than what I had in mind.

The other day she came home & said I bought you a tart pan. A fancy one, non-stick, silicon handles and a removable bottom! All I wanted was a plane old tin tart pan! I wasn’t sure what the removable bottom was for, I guessed it was to remove the tart for a prettier display.

I prepared all the ingredients and got the tart assembled. I did it for 30 minutes on smoke 175 deg. I then went to 325 deg. & took about 35 minutes. On my Traeger I use the display temp. 325 deg. which would be about 350 deg. at grill level.

After the tart had cooled I decided to try & remove it to see how the pan worked. I sat it down over a small bowl to raise it out of the pan. Using two spatulas I carefully slid it onto a tray. I just about lost it; I don’t care for the removable bottom. I think I still need a plane ole tin tart pan! I can serve it right out of the pan.

I loved the tart but not sure all will like it. Onions are the dominate flavor so if you don’t like onions it would probably be good without, just add a couple more apples. I also think it could stand a little more cheddar than I used.

Printable Tart Recipe

New pan and ingredients

Onions cooking

Apple mix

Apple mix done

Adding the cheese

Onions added

Ready for the smoker

About done


Raised from the pan

Ready to serve

My Piece

Smokin Don

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