Thursday, February 4, 2016

South Carolina Bog, My Version

Feb 03 2016

One of the newer members, from LTBBQ, said he was from the low-country in S. Carolina and that reminded me I had not made any bog lately. Traditionally bog was made from boiling chicken in a large pot then adding onions, celery, spices and rice. It was cooked until the rice absorbed all the liquid.

I came up with my version from different recipes. I use chicken, smoked sausage,  sweet onions, green onions celery, garlic,dried parsley, salt and pepper. For the rice I use a box of Zatarain's garlic and butter rice and Uncle Ben's for the amount of rice I want. I can't buy that mix of Zatarains here in town so I used a box of their jambalaya mix and I had two links of Aidell's andouille so I used it instead of smoked sausage. You might say I put a little Louisana in my bog!

For my chicken I had 5 thigh, seasoned with some Penzey's Cajun. I smoked them along with the andouille on my Traeger at 200 deg. For a half hour and then to 280-290 grill level. The andouille was done in about an hour 10 minutes and the thighs in an hour and half. After the thighs cooled I pulled the meat off and all went in the fridge until supper time.

For our dessert I had baked  buttermilk chess pie I got the recipe from Mary at Deep South Dish. I used a Pet Ritz store bough crust but they are pretty good! The pie was good. For me it was like a cream pie with a touch of lemon and the top has a nice crust on it. My wife could hardly wait to clear the dished and get at the pie!

I chopped up 5 slices of bacon and fried it for topping and used about 3 Tbs. of the grease for the bog. And sliced some green onions for on top.

I assembled the dish a little different than stated in my recipe. I had less chicken and sausage than normal so I used a total of two cups of rice. I heated the bacon grease and butter in a large pot on medium high heat and added the onions, celery and garlic. In 5 to 10 minutes it was getting soft so I added the chicken and andouille. It was all cooked so just stirred until heated though. Then I added the rice and stirred for about 5 minutes.

I added some salt and pepper then slowly added the chicken stock until it was pretty wet brought to a boil then down on low heat. I cooked it about a half hour, adding stock and stirring for a half hour. I used all but about a half cup of the stock; you want it wet and moist but not like soup.

I baked some garlic knots to have with it and turned out pretty good! I had bacon and green onions over mine.

Click Here for printable bog recipe

Click Here for link to pie recipe

The chicken and sausage ready to smoke

About done

Browning the bacon

Bog ingredients

Onions and celery

Sweating in butter and bacon grease

The meat

Added to the pot

Rice added

Broth added

Ready to serve

My supper

Our dessert

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