Sunday, February 7, 2016

Breakfast for Supper

Feb 06 2016

I don't eat much for breakfast anymore. I usually just have coffee and sometimes toast. I do get hungry for bacon and eggs so I have that once in a while. My favorite is bacon, eggs, grits and toast or once in a while I want some ham, eggs, grits, red eye gravy and toast. When I fix it most of the time it is for brunch.

I do like sausage gravy over biscuits and that is our daughters favorite; we would get that a lot when eating out for breakfast. Since she is with us now I asked if she wanted it for our Saturday suppper and she said yes.

I had some Grands Southern Style biscuits,a pound of Kah Meats sausage and eggs so I was all set. I thought some fried potatoes sounded good too so I baked 3 medium potatoes in the micro wave and cooled in the fridge. I cut them in a small dice to fry in some olive oil and ghee and kept warm in a 205 deg. oven until all was done and ready to serve. 

I got the potatoes on and the dausage to brown up. When the sausage was done I drained the grease in a collander deglazed the skillet with a little chicken broth then added the sausage back. I had water on heating for the Pioneer Country gravy and when that thickened up I added it to the sausage.

I fried an egg in some ghee and basted it for sunny side up and served the daughter; then I fixed mine. The wife said she would just fix herself some eggs and have some of the potatoes. When it was her turn she said that looks good so she had some of the sausage gravy over biscuits and potatoes. She never wanted sausage gravy over biscuits but said that was good!

So my breakfast for supper was a hit; all liked it!

For my breakfast

Browning the sausage

Gravy added

Potatoes are done

One egg done

My supper

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