Monday, February 22, 2016

Pickled Pork and Pickled Eggs

Feb 22 2016

I didn’t have anything planned to cook today so I had plenty of time to pickle some pork for using in red beans and rice. We also had a jar of Claussen’s dill pickles used up so I boiled some eggs to pickles in the juice. The jar will hold 5 to 6 eggs according to their size. I let them set 4 to 5 days in the fridge and they are ready to eat.

I went to my butchers this AM to get some lard and the pork. He cut me up some pork butt, about a pound and a half. I got some more of his Andouille sausage too, I have 2 that I smoked and froze to use in the red beans and rice later this week.

Using the pickled pork is an old recipe and a lot of the Louisiana cooks swear by it. Ever since I tried it they’re not as good without it. The recipe supposedly came from an old Cajun cook. The recipe follows in case some of you want to try it. I will probably make mine Friday or Sunday.

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For the pork

Boiling mix for 3 minutes

The pork butt

Pork and eggs ready for the fridge

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  1. Having never tried pickled pork, this recipe sounds very interesting.
    Nice post Don.