Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Slawsa German style Potato Salad

I don't usually promote products here but this stuff, Slawsa, is good. Slawsa is a sponsor on my favorite forum, Lets Talk BBQ. I found some at a Meijer's store. It comes in original or spicy, but they only had the original. Tasting right out of the jar I wasn't sure I would like it that well. After trying it on a tenderloin sandwich with a little Cholula hot sauce too I loved it.

Trying to think of other ways to use it I settled on some German style potato salad. If you can't find it they have a web site and can be ordered from there. Shipping may be too high for those of you in other countries. Below are photos of it on a sandwich and in the potato salad.

Link to Slawsa's site

On my sandwich

Mar 12 2013

I painted doors and woodwork Monday and was tired so we had carry ins from Bob Evans for supper, country fried steak. I knew I could finish up the painting Tuesday so I wanted to cook something quick and easy. I had just bought some Slawsa and was thinking what could I cook and use it. With its sweet & slight sour taste German potato salad was a natural.

My wife’s aunt used to make the best German potato salad, when she made it that’s all I wanted was a plate full of it! I have her recipe but can never get it just like hers.

Tuesday morning I went to my butchers and got 4 of his fresh brats and a pound of his bacon. I also stopped by Sandman’s carry out to replenish my beer supply.

I painted from 11 am to 3:30, well there were a few beer breaks! The grandson was home from school and I relaxed awhile before starting supper.

I got the brats on my smoker at 5:00 and then peeled and sliced the potatoes and made up the potato salad. I heated a can of sliced beets for another side to have.

The wife and I both loved the potato salad; the recipe is a keeper for us.

Printable potato salad recipe

Diced bacon

Browned bacon

Sauteing the onions and celery seed

My Plate

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