Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve Rib-Eye Steaks and Chimichurri Sauce

Dec 31 2012

It is already the New Year 2013, my New Year’s Eve dinner is over and I have my New Year’s Day lucky dinner in the Crockpot simmering, pork and sauerkraut.

I usually try to fix something special for the wife and me on New Year’s Eve. This year we were both hungry for steaks so I picked a recipe from Saveur.com, Rib-Eye Steaks with Chimichurri sauce.

I bought two nice rib eye steaks from my butcher. I wanted to do them on my smoker but our daughter decided to stay longer and I needed one more steak. Monday morning I picked up another steak from my butcher and decided to just pan fry them since we all wanted different doneness.

I would do baked potatoes with potato rods inserted in the oven to have with them, some good bread and a mixed salad. I do the potatoes at 350 deg. for about two hours. They get a crispy skin so it’s like you eat out the potato then you have a crispy potato skin to eat.

The potatoes would hold well so I fried all our steaks separate. I set them out a half hour before frying and seasoned with some Weber’s Chicago steak seasoning. I did them in my Lodge carbon steel skillet with a little olive oil. I did my daughters first, about 5 minutes on a side to 150 deg. IT for medium, my wife’s was next at 135 IT for medium rare, and mine was to 140 deg. IT for in between.

All liked their steaks; I was the only one that liked the Chimichurri sauce on the steak. The potatoes were just right and the crusty bread was extra good topped with some Irish butter.

Link to steak and sauce recipe

The Steaks

Chimichurri sauce


Potatoes with rods ready to bake

Frying first side

Frying second side

My Plate, my dinner

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