Friday, January 11, 2013

Greek Style Baby Backs

I was hungry for some Greek style baby backs. I don’t remember where I found the recipe but it is simple. It is just salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, lemon juice and zest. I get tired of my standard baby backs with my standard rub, Penzey’s Galena street rub. I usually do not sauce mine but serve sauce on the side.

I had baked potatoes and some steamed broccoli and cauliflower along with some bread and butter with the ribs.

I removed the membrane from the ribs, seasoned with salt and pepper, dried garlic flakes, oregano, the zest from one lemon and the juice of half lemon. I got them ready and covered with saran wrap and in the fridge about three hours before smoking. You can do them overnight, but it is best to wait a few hours before smoking to add the lemon juice.

I smoked the ribs a total of 4 ½ hours. 1 ½ hours at 180 deg. Then I went to 225 deg. for the rest of the cook. After 2 ½ hours I wrapped them in foil along with the juice from the other half of lemon for one hour. I unwrapped them for the last hour. I did go to 300 deg. for the last 15 minutes. This gave me almost fall off the bone ribs; the way we like them.

If you have a favorite way to do ribs use it; the end result is what is important and every smoker or grill may be different. I find the Greek style ribs a welcome change from the standard BBQ ribs once in a while. The wife and I enjoyed this supper.

Ribs and seasoning

Ready for the smoker

Take home and bake bread

Ribs are done

Veggies are done

Ribs cut and ready to serve

My Plate

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