Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Smoked Potato Soup

Jan 04 2013

To me the only good thing about cold winter weather anymore is soups and stews taste better than in the summer. I wanted to do my smoked potato soup again. I always like potato soup and got the idea maybe I could get some smoke taste by smoking the potatoes. The first time I made it I only peeled one of the potatoes. I wasn’t sure how a peeled one would come out. I thought it was good so I peeled all of them this time.

I peeled the potatoes and rubbed with some bacon grease. I got the onions ready and sprinkled some Celtic coarse grey sea salt over all. The Celtic brand is supposed to be better for you than regular sea salt, it contains some extra minerals. It is recommended by doctors and Kosher certified. I think it has a unique taste.

I did the potatoes and onions on my smoker, 170 deg. for one hour then 225 deg. for another hour. The potatoes are not done but dice up nice and finish cooking in the soup.

You could make the soup a little less fattening by using low fat buttermilk and half and half. I want my potato soup rich so use regular buttermilk and heavy cream. The buttermilk I buy actually has tiny flakes of butter in it.

While my soup was cooking I did some bacon on the smoker to use on top of the soup along with some cheddar cheese and some sliced green onions.

I made the soup Friday and forgot to take a photo of the finished soup before giving about half away. I gave some to my son & family and took two bowls to my 91 year old Mother today.

My wife and I had what was left for our supper tonight. I poured what was left into a smaller pan to reheat, just enough for us to have a big bowl with a little left over. I baked a small take home and bake baguette so we had some hot bread and Irish butter to eat with it. Topped with shredded cheddar, bacon and green onions it sure hit the spot. Next time I better make a double batch.

Printable Soup Recipe


Preparing an onion

After one hour on smoke

After two hours, ready for the soup

Diced celery

Minced garlic

Dicing the onions

Dicing the potatoes

Ready for the broth and cook a while

Bacon for the topping

Soups On

My Bowl

Smokin Don

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