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Red Beans and Rice with Pickled Pork

Jan 19 2013

One of my favorite dishes I don’t fix often. No one else in the family except my 91 year old Mother likes beans. My son and daughter in law like beans but without the meat. So if I fix this I eat beans until I am tired of them!

This is the best recipe I have found and the addition of pickled pork makes this great for me. I think the pickled pork makes this more of a Creole dish, not sure. It takes 3 days to pickle the pork in vinegar, onions, garlic and spices. The recipe calls for pork butt; I like to use boneless country style ribs; there is very little waist.

My pork was done pickling and my red beans had soaked overnight; I was ready to do some beans. I used to brown up the smoked sausage and pickled pork; now that I have my smoker I decided to smoke both. I would get a double smoke on the sausage and I added some Cajun seasoning to the pickled pork.
The smoked sausage was from my butcher, Kah Meats.

I got the sausage and pork on my smoker at 10:00 AM on smoke mode average 170 deg. for an hour and a half. I had also put the soaked bean and water in a large pot to boil then simmer while the meat was smoking. I forgot to get a photo of the meat on the smoker. I took the sausage and half the pork off for my soup. The rest of the pork I upped the smoker to 250 deg. to finish cooking. I will vacuum seal and freeze for later.

I let the meat cool while I added all the rest of the ingredients, except the green onions and parsley, to the beans. I added the green onions and parsley the last hour. I cut up the sausage and pork and added, brought all to a boil and simmered for an hour and a half. I cooked some rice in my rice cooker to have with it. It was done by 1:30.

I made up a bowl for my friend and fellow smoker at his carry out to try. I also made up some to take to my butcher at Kah meats. I bought my Traeger 07E from him and get my pellets there. When I bought the smoked sausage told him I was making red beans and rice, he said he hadn’t had any for years. I said I’ll bring you some. When I delivered it he said next time you want to cook for me I’ll give you the meat for free.

I let the beans simmer some more before saving me a large bowl for supper and all in the fridge. I will freeze up some of it.

My wife went to a movie with a friend and then did some shopping; she was eating leftovers for supper.
I had a bowl of beans and a scoop of rice in the middle for my supper along with bread and butter. It hit the spot; I would put the heat level at just above mild.

Printable beans and pickled pork recipe

Pork ready to pickle for 3 days

Mixed up

After 3 days, rinsed

Some ingredients

Sausage and Pork ready to smoke

Done smoking

Ready to simmer awhile

My Bowl

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  1. Great cook Don and I am happy to see on Let's Talk BBQ.

    Never had pickle pork that I am aware of.