Saturday, June 2, 2012

Apple Wood Smoked Apple Butter Chicken

Continuing my cooking with BBQ Selects pellets for my view on them I did apple butter chicken with their apple wood pellets yesterday.

What a change in weather from last week-end. Last Sunday my digital hit 99 deg. for awhile, it was just 60 yesterday. It was 55 when I started to cook at 4 PM.

I had two organic broilers I spatchcocked & brined for about 6 hours. I then rinsed & dried then marinated in some apple butter sauce I made up, for about 1 ½ hours.

I got my chicken on at 4 PM on smoke for 40 minutes. It held good at 175 deg.; then went to 325 deg. At 5:30 went to 350 deg. I brushed twice with the apple butter sauce & they were done a little after 6 PM. I should have just brushed the last 20 minutes; they were on the verge of being burnt. You would think at 70 I would know how to do chicken by now!

I held them in a 190 deg. oven while I browned up the spaetzel I had already cooked. We had a mixed green salad w/some Tennessee tomatoes, and some good bread w/garlic butter. I carved up the best looking of the two, the other I will remove the skin & pull for sandwiches.

Chicken was good in spite of being a little brown. I thought it came through with a mild sweet smoke taste and was very moist. I did like my apple butter sauce too. It would be good on a sandwich.

Printable Apple butter sauce recipe

The Chicken

The bread, Ecce Pene take home and bake

Chicken after marinating

After 40 minutes of smoke

Chickens done

The spaetzel

Best of the two

Cut up

My Plate my Supper

Smokin Don

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