Friday, June 8, 2012

Hickory Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin

Yesterday I emptied the hopper of my smoker and added BBQ Selects 100 % hickory pellets. The last of three diff. woods Adam had sent me to try.

Sandman had told me Sam’s had whole loins on sale for $1.79 per pound so I went up & bought one, a little over 8 lbs.

I had never butter flied a loin before so I wanted to try it. I sliced off just about 1/3 of the loin to use. I had to keep it on the mild side for my wife & grandson. After butter flying it I sprinkled some light gray sea salt on it and some garlic powder. Then I did a layer of black forest ham and a layer of baby Swiss cheese. I rolled it up & tied and a light dusting of Penzey’s rib rub.

I did it on smoke mode 175 deg for an hour 15 min. then went to 250 deg. I left it there until I had an IT of 115 deg then went to 275 deg. I did it fat side down then turned it when I went to 275 deg. I turned the smoker down to smoke mode when the IT was 135 deg. Total cook time was just over 3 hours. I fired up my Weber Q100 & did a sear on it.

Then it went in a 190 deg oven while I fried some canned potatoes, I had put some Bush’s grillin beans on earlier.

When I sliced the loin I was surprised how moist it was. It tasted great with the ham & cheese and a slight hickory smoke taste. The hickory pellets burned good & I thought for the 3 hour cook usage was low.

Butter flied loin

Adding the ham & cheese

Tied fat side up

Tied cut side up

After the smoke

Done ready to sear

Searing on my Weber Q100


My Plate

Smokin Don

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