Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home made Smoked Goetta

A fellow pellethead Pete from the Cincinnati, Ohio area told me about making homemade Goetta using his father’s recipe that was close to one on Dorsel’s pin head oats package, along with some seasoning.

The more I thought about it, I just had to take the time to try a batch! The only pin head oats (steel cut) I could find was Irish oats, they are faster cooking than most but figured they ought to work.

I found a Crockpot recipe that was close, I added garlic powder, gray sea salt, fresh ground pepper, celery seed and Cajun seasoning. This recipe called for ground beef, & sausage browned up with onion. I liked this since you could pour off some of the extra fat.

I made a batch yesterday & filled two large loaf pans & one mini to try this morning for breakfast. They set up in the fridge over night.

It fried up nice and tasted great with some eggs & buttered toast w/raw local honey. It tastes more like sausage than the bought Goetta. Unlike Goetta and Kah’s grits this does not contain any organ meat so should be more pleasing to more people. The pin head oats gives it a nice taste & texture. I will be making more of this. I would also like to make some with pork shoulder instead of the ground meats.

Goetta, scrapple, and pan puddings was a way years ago to use up scrap meats and by adding corn meal or steel cut oats it could be stretched to last longer. For what I paid for the Irish Oats, $7.50 for 24 oz., mine was not really economical. I am sure you can find steel cut oats more reasonable for a more economical cost.

I cut one loaf in 3 pieces smoked with BBQ Pellet Select 100% hickory pellets. I did it for 1 ½ hours on smoke mode 170 deg. then went to 190 deg. for ½ hour, then I finished at 225 deg. until the IT was 150 deg. I added some Cajun seasoning to one piece since I thought it came out on the mild side.

Printable Goetta Recipe

Goetta done & filling the loaf pans

One loaf pan

My mini loaf, you can see I could have done a better job pressing into the pan

Frying in my Lodge carbon steel skillet

My Plate, I ate some before remembering to take a photo!

My smoked goetta

Smokin Don

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