Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smoked Beef Ribs

The other day Sandman, he runs the Beer & Wine Depot carry out near me, told me he had bought a case of beef ribs at a good price if I wanted some. Saturday when I was in to replenish my beer stock he said he had some of the ribs on smoking & to take a look at them. The six racks he had on his Traeger Texan looked good at 2 hours on smoke. I told him I would take a rack & would pick it up Sunday. He put it in his fridge to start thawing for me.

When I picked them up Sunday Sandman said he had over cooked his & was not very good. He had done them for 4 hours and went to 250 & 275 deg. at the end. If I ever did any beef ribs I can’t remember. I figured I better do some reading.

Most were saying low & slow at 225 deg. for 4 to 6 hours and some were 6 to 8 hours.
The best info in here was from Hub & I used his ideas. I left the membrane on and did a simple seasoning. I rubbed on a light coat of olive oil, some garlic salt, fresh ground pepper and some smoked paprika.

I used BBQ Selects 100% hickory pellets & put them on at 1:30 smoke mode 170 deg. for one hour. Then I used the P #’s to ease it up to 210 deg. Since I know my Traeger runs hotter than my RTD reading this should give me close to 225 deg. grill level. My Traeger held pretty close at 210 to 220 deg.

I checked them at 5:30 & decided to pull them at 6:00. I was getting 170 to 180 deg. IT at different points. I tented them with foil while I nuked my Mac & cheese, about 15 minutes. My wife had made us all a mixed green salad.

The ribs tasted good, a little tougher to eat than pork ribs, but they had a slight smoky taste, and the light seasoning let the beefy taste come through. My grandson enjoyed gnawing on his dino rib!

Seasoned & ready to smoke

After 1/2 hour on smoke

Ready to serve

My Plate

Smokin Don

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