Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pork Shoulder Roast, carrots, parsnips, & turnips

I was hungry for some pork, mashed potatoes, & gravy. I had a 3 lb bone in shoulder roast to do. I would do some carrots, parsnips, & turnips with it on the smoker. To make it easy I got some Bob Evens garlic mashed potatoes & a packet of McCormick’s pork gravy mix. Normally I would do my own but I guess as I get older I look more to short cuts.

I seasoned the roast with salt, pepper, some Penzey’s pork chop seasoning, & oregano. I started my smoker & turned to high. I put the roast in a rack at 3:00 & left on high for a half hour, then went to 275 deg. and placed the rack in a foil lined pan. I added the carrots, parsnips, & turnips at 4:30. & went to 325 deg. At 5:45 the roast was at 165 deg IT so removed it & the veggies to a preheated 210 deg oven to hold while I made the gravy & nuked the mashed potatoes.

I smeared some bread with Fromage Fort & toasted under the broiler to have with the meal. It didn’t melt too good but was tasty. The Fromage Fort idea I found at Saveur. It is just left over cheese, any kind, about ½ lb. Cut in ½ inch squares & shred some in a food processor, add a couple cloves of garlic, & any herbs you like. Then puree, adding dry white wine & thin to a desired consistency. I had leftover shredded cheese from two bags, a small chunk of white cheddar and some shaved parmesan that was drying out. I used olive oil & a splash of red wine vinegar to thin mine instead of wine. A great way to use up odd amounts of cheese & will taste different every time.

My supper tasted great and I have some cheese spread left to snack on.

The Roast

On the Smoker


My Plate

Smokin Don


  1. Everything looks good, Don! I'm sure you're glad to be back to your smoker after 10 days of low meat consumption. :)

  2. Yea Tonya, we had rib eye steaks & baked potatoes Tues night so I am about caught up now! :) Don