Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Chicago Style Beef

A favorite sandwich of mine is Chicago style beef. I bought a eye of round roast at Sams, about 4 lbs. Decided to do some Chicago style beef. I mixed up a rub of 1 TBS salt, 1 TBS oregano, 1 tsp thyme, 1 TBS garlic flakes & some grinds of black pepper, rubbed into the roast, wrapped in saran wrap & in the fridge a few hours until ready to smoke. When ready to smoke placed it on a rack in a foil roaster pan w/a sliced onion, 2 TBS sliced pepperoncini peppers w/some of the juice, a few shakes of red pepper flakes & 1 quart of beef stock. I injected the roast w/beef broth. Did it on smoke setting for 1/2 hr then 225 deg & about every 15 to 20 min upped the temp by 25 deg, wanted to get the roast to 140 deg without drying out. I basted it w/the broth several times. After 2 hrs & 15 min it was up to 140 deg, pulled & tented about 1/2 hr then wrapped in foil & in the fridge overnight before slicing. Sliced it thin on a slicer, it was a nice med rare & juicy. Placed half the meat in a Crockpot, a sliced up a green pepper & half the two caramelized onions I did up. Repeated with the other half meat, a sliced green pepper & rest of caramelized onions. Added the reserved broth I had saved from the foil pan along w/ any pepperoncini peppers. Then another quart of beef stock & 2 tsp Better than Beef Bullion turned it to high for 3 hrs & was done. Served it on brat buns along w/oven baked fries, Ore Ida, & cheese sauce, w/cajun seasoning. The cheese sauce was a can of Campbells cheddar soup, a little beer, about 1/8 cup, a TBS of Worcestershire, & a tsp of mustard.

Printable Directions

On the smoker


Slicing up

Caramalized onions

In the Crockpot

My sandwich & fries

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