Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fresh Pork Picnic Shoulder

Pulled pork is one of my favorite cooks. It makes great sandwiches & you can save & use in many dishes. I have a Food Saver vacuum sealer to save leftovers. This was probably the longest cooks I have done & the largest hunk of meat. I think I prefer pork butts for pulled pork but I had never done a picnic w/skin on & wanted to try it out. I found a 10 lb one for $14. I decided to trim most of the skin & fat except a layer to place down in the smoker. I seasoned w/just my favorite rub, saran wrap & in fridge overnight. I got up at 4am, injected w/apple juice & worcestershire sauce. Added a little more rub & let sit while I got the smoker ready. Preheated to 300 deg then down to 180 deg & added the pork skin side down at 5 am & went back to bed. Finally looked at it at 11am & added two temp probes & went to 225 deg. It misted rain & drizzled some all morning & finally quit about noon & added more pellets. About 2:30 it made IT at 170 deg so double foiled w/some of the apple juice & sauce I had injected with, went to 250 deg. I also misted it a couple of times before I foiled. About 3:30 it was IT 180deg & decided to finish in oven inside set at 300 deg. Was looking like rain so wanted to get my smoker cooled down & covered. It didn't take long to hit IT 205 deg, let it cool awhile, about an hr total, unwrapped & pulled & chopped some. I liked the way it turned out, I added the pan juices after I poured off the fat. I served it w/a little Bone suckin sauce, my cole slaw. on a COWB,(cheap old white bun). For a side we had my Tex Mex corn pudding. Ranked among my best pulled pork.

TexMex Corn Printable Recipe


Marinated & injected.

170 deg & ready to foil

Ready to pull

Some pulled

Pulled & chopped

My Plate


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