Friday, June 3, 2011

Brats & red potatoes

Yesterday I mowed grass early in the day & planned a simple cook on the Traeger for the wife & my dinner. One of the harder parts of cooking on the smoker is trying to do it all on the smoker instead of have part of the cook done inside. I had planned on doing Cajun brats for me, Italian brats for my wife, caramalized onions & green peppers, and roasted red potatoes. I figured one & a half hrs. for the potatoes & brats at 225 deg. then I thought about 45 min. for the onions & peppers in a cast iron skillet. I got everything on but when the brats & potatoes were done my onions & peppers were not ready. Another nice thing about the smoker is just turn down to smoke mode 180deg & you can hold the food well. So did this & took the cast iron skillet in to the stove to finish the onions & peppers. Brats were great served in brat buns w/ the onions & pepers on top & a little mustard. The red potatoes were seasond w/olive oil, California garlic powder & a little salt.

Peppers & onions

On the smoker

Finishing peppers & onions

Sandwich & potatoes plated

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