Sunday, June 26, 2011

DiGiorno Pizza & Salad

Yesterday I spent the afternoon, trimming grass. By the time I was done I decided the mowing could wait, besides I had never had time between rains to work up my second garden. I had planned on planting crooked neck yellow squash just for the blossoms. My wife & I love those squash blossoms. I worked up half of the garden roughly & got two hills planted so by mid Aug. I should start getting blossoms.

We were going to have some of my garden lettuce w/the pizza so I cut a slice of the sourdough bread to make croutons. Seasoned w/garlic, salt, & pepper & some olive oil. I did them in the microwave on high a minute at a time, & stirred until done. I had just enough for two salads. I bought two small DiGiorno’s thin crust supreme pizzas. Everyone on the pelletheads forum brags about Papa Murphy’s pizzas as being so good. I would have to drive 40 miles to get one here, but soon I will make that trip. I made several homemade pizzas last summer, one was a squash blossom pizza & was great. These would be the first store bought pizzas on my Traeger. The box said 425 deg for 14 to 17 min in a conventional oven. I decided to do mine at 350 deg in the Traeger & check them after 20 min. I cut enough lettuce for two salads from my garden. My wife washed & spun it while I fired up the smoker. I actually set the smoker on 325deg knowing the right side of my grill would be about 25 deg hotter. After 20 min. they looked ready, the crust on the rear one was starting to burn a little. I took the charred one & gave the other one to my wife. I would say they were pretty good & nice to have when you’re in a hurry. For being supreme they were a little scant with the sauce, cheese, & ingredients. If doing them again I would add extra cheese. I would also do them in the center of the grill for a little longer, the top could have been a little more done.

Ohio is pizza country, we have more pizza places per capita than any other state. I think here in Wapakoneta, Ohio, pop. About 10,000 we have seven places you can buy pizza. The Beer & Wine Depot, a drive through carryout makes our favorite pizza. It’s just 3 short blocks away & handy for my beer too!

Pizza ready to bake

Pizza on the smoker

Pizza ready to eat

Smokin Don

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