Monday, June 6, 2011

For my Veggie Daughter-in-law

My Daughter-in-law, Tonya & her son Gavin, our only grandchild, spent the past week in their bare house in S.C. & eating out in preparation for their move to Las Vegas. Their furniture was loaded on a van last Mon. Our Son Jason has been in Las Vegas at his new job & getting a house rented for them the past month. I liked to visit in Fort Mill S.C., just a day’s drive plus there were some good BBQ places there to try out. They turned vegetarian on me but did take us to a good BBQ place when we were there in March. When they came up for visits the past couple of years I tried to cook some vegetarian dishes they would like. I remember once I tried some veggie burgers. I think they were made with black beans & grains, but they were terrible! I did find this dish “Garden full of Goodness Lasagna” by Paula Deen. It is great & satisfying even for this meat lover! Tonya & Gavin came Sat afternoon, I had the Peaches & Cream Cheese pie baked for them and made the lasagna. You can find the recipe on Foodnetwork or Paula Deens site. I thought it was worth posting a photo of it.

Sunday for lunch I fixed a Bacon & asparagus potato crust quiche for them, minus the bacon. I found the recipe on “For the Love of Cooking” blog, a link is posted. I should have taken a photo of it, turned out nice & was all gone! After lunch Tonya & Gavin headed to Toledo for a few days with her family then she & her Mother are driving to Las Vegas w/the family dog Macy. We are keeping Gavin then my wife is flying out with him. They didn’t think he would hold up for the long drive out there. Nancy & Tonya’s mother are flying back together. It will be great to have the grandson a few days, he will keep us busy & I probably will not get a post in for awhile!

Paula's Garden Full of Goodness Lasagna

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