Monday, May 27, 2013

Corn and Pepper Lasagna

It was kind of a cool Memorial Day week end here in Ohio. Other than the lasagna I didn’t do any cooking out as usual. Our daughter was home from Chicago for the week end and it was busy so we just ate out or had carry ins.

I cook a lot of meat and potatoes, but sometimes I like something a little lighter and healthier. Since my son and family live in town now I try to fix a vegetarian dish for my veggie daughter in law once in a while. I found this recipe on food network and sounded good to me. I changed the recipe and procedure some from the original.

I served it with some good crusty whole garlic bread, served warm right out of the oven. After baking it with the foil on top I added some shredded mozzarella and provolone cheese before broiling.

Everyone loved it. This would also be good with some Mexican style seasoning to kick it up a little and with ground beef for meat lovers. This would also be good done on a pellet smoker. I think there is enough sauce to do it without the foil to get a little smoke taste.

Printable Lasagna Recipe


Charred peppers peeled and sliced


Done and serving

My Plate

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