Monday, April 3, 2017

Use Butcher Paper for ribs and pork butts instead of Foil

Apr 03 2017

Recently it was posted on LTBBQ forum that cooking with aluminum foil or pans is not good for you. This is a story that had come up often over the years. From what I read is cooking with it can release some of the metal into your food; especially acidic. On the other hand there have been no real good surveys on whether it is bad for you or causes Alzheimer’s.

I have used foil for making foil packs and cooking on the grill and use foil when I wrap ribs or pork butts.
I line my drip pan with foil too for easy clean up. A couple of years ago my friend from the Beer and Wine Depot bought a roll of butcher paper and gave me some to try on a pork butt. It worked fine but was kind of messy since the paper absorbs a lot of the grease. His paper was about 3 ft. wide and would have worked better cut down to size.

I found some of the Pink Butcher paper at Amazon, a 28 inch roll X 150 feet. You don’t want to use the newer white paper, it is lined with a coating and will not breath like the old Pink butcher paper; some call it red. I just did some baby back ribs and used it to wrap for 2 hours on my smoker. It worked great and I will continue to use it for any wrapping meat to cook.

I will continue to use foil to line my drip pan and line a sheet pan when doing sheet pan meals in the oven. You can suite yourself to how serious you heed not using aluminum for your cooking.

The paper and some bbribs

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