Monday, April 3, 2017

Saturday BBRibs, Potato Salad & Corn

Apr 03 2017

Saturday night’s supper was baby back ribs, old fashioned potato salad and corn on the cob. I was getting hungry for some summer food. I also wanted to try the pink butcher paper to wrap the ribs for 2 hours. In the morning I cleaned out my Traeger smoker and found my fire pot had rusted through some. I got a new one ordered today. Not bad for 6 years of cooking.

I made up the potato salad early using one of my favorite recipes and used some yellow potatoes. The corn was some I get at Wall Mart and is usually good steamed but this time it turned out pretty tough.

I seasoned the ribs with some red wine vinegar to wet down and Blues Hog Rub about an hour before going on the grill. They went on my Traeger preheated to 200 deg. for an hour. I then raised the temp to 225 deg. for an hour. I then wrapped the ribs in two layers of butcher paper and went to 235 deg. My Traeger runs about 20 to 25 deg. hotter at grill level than my Savannah Stoker says. After 2 hours wrapped I unwrapped and went to 250 deg. for an hour a total of 5 hours.

It all tasted pretty good, the ribs were some of the meatiest I have done and were done with a good bite through. If you are not familiar with competition ribs; to be ideal they must be done to give a clean bite through pulling from the bone but not getting more from the sides. My wife had some of my butchers BBQ sauce with hers. Personally I prefer more fall off the bone done. Like I said the corn was a little tough, now I can’t wait for some good fresh seasonal corn.

Click Here for printable potato salad recipe

Ribs ready to smoke

For the potato salad

Dressing for the potatoes

All in but the eggs, added later

The corn

After 2 hours of smoke, ready to wrap

Ribs resting

My tough corn!

My supper

Had a clean bite

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