Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Baby Green Lima Beans, Ham Hock and Bacon

Apr 04 2017

I am getting behind in my posts. I did want to post this; one of my favorite beans to cook with a ham hock and some bacon. I can’t get them around here so I order the Camellia brand from Amazon. I would follow Mary’s recipe from Deep South Dish. I cut the recipe in half and just used a half pound of the beans I soaked overnight.

I had a nice meaty ham hock from my butcher I did for 30 minutes covered with water in my Instant Pot and used the broth to cook the beans. I had 5 slices of bacon I cooked part way on my smoker to cut down on the fat. I finished the bacon and some onions in a pot and then added the beans, broth and seasonings. I simmered them about 2 hours with the lid off and added broth when needed. I then simmered them with the lid on for an hour.

My wife and DIL had been away for the day to visit our daughter in Bowling Green where the DIL’s Mother and Aunt met them for lunch and a craft show. My wife ate some other left overs while I had a nice bowl of the beans with crackers and butter. Tasted great! I just baked a corn bread and will have that with the beans tonight for supper.

Click Here for Mary's full recipe

The ham hock


Ham, bacon and onions

Added to the pot

Ready to serve

My supper

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