Saturday, December 9, 2017

Beef Tips & Gravy over Noodles W/Peas

Dec 08 2017
The wife was busy most of the day yesterday in
the kitchen. No she was not making a big meal
just baking her pumpkin bread she does every
Christmas She gives them away as gifts. I had
supper covered with an easy Instant Pot meal
beef tips and gravy over noodles.

Not much prep for this meal. I had some sirloin
tip and a piece of chuck I cut into bite size pieces.
I added some olive oil to the pot and sauted the
beef until brown and added some chopped onion
and garlic flakes. I cooked until the onions got
soft. I then mixed a pack of Pioneer brown gravy
mix with 2 cups water and added it.

I set the pot to Meat/Stew for 18 minutes. When it
was about done I cooked 8 oz. of noodles and
microwaved a package of peas. I toasted some
English muffins. That was an easy meal and tasted
great! Meat was very tender.

My supper

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