Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Nov 23 2017

I don’t care for turkey so we never had it too often. I just had to put my dog to sleep a week before and I had not been feeling up to par so I wanted something easy to fix. Chicken Pot pie is one of our favorite comfort foods and simple to fix. This is PA Dutch pot pie, chicken with flat square dumplings, peas and carrots. The only bought noodles that are good are Reames. Homemade would be better but I am not good at noodles. There is a recipe on the back of the package.

I did mine in a crockpot and did a double batch. I left the peas out since our son will not eat them. My sides were Bob Evans mashed potatoes, a must to serve the pot pie over, peas, and I had corn vac sealed from last summer. My wife is in charge of dessert and buys it mostly from Moulton Country Store that carries a lot of good Amish goods. She got a good sugar cream pie for this year.

You can use any cooked pulled chicken, I used a 39 oz. can of white meat from a local butcher. I had everything ready to go when Jasn, Tonya and Gavin came early to have some snacks. Sara Jane was here from BG. I heated the peas and put on my warm hold burner and put Jason to work skillet cooking the corn Nancy warmed up some Kings Hawaiian rolls. Now that was about the easiest TG meal I ever fixed.

Everyone said it was good and all had seconds so that made me feel good!

Nancy set a nice table

For the pot pie

Mashed potatoes

Pot pie

Jason frying the corn

My plate

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