Friday, October 13, 2017

Smoked Polish Sausage & Kraut over Mash

Oct 10 2017

Pork and Kraut is one of my wife’s favorite meals and she likes it sour. Some kind of pork and kraut is my good luck New Year’s Day meal. I don’t fix it as often as I should. My favorite are some smoked ribs cooked in the kraut all day in a Crockpot.

I had almost a pound of kraut left from making sausage rubens to use up. I bought some Polish sausages from my butcher. I smoked them for 1 ½ hours in my Traeger then they went over some sliced sweet onions in a Crockpot covered with the kraut, about a half a beer and water, salt and pepper. It was on high for 3 + hours and then down to low. I left all the juice on the kraut so it was pretty sour.

I served it over some Bob Evan’s buttermilk redskin potatoes and had some organic bread and butter with it. I had Maille mustard with my sausage and it all tasted great!


Getting some smoke

In the Crockpot over some onions

Kraut, salt & pepper over

My supper


  1. They look fantastic! I just bought a Traeger which is due to be set up today for a first cook. I had some sausages in the fridge which I thought may go nice. T

  2. This approach to sausages (along with some chicken) will likely be my first cook! Thank you for sharing!