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Beef Trisket (Tri Tip) Baked Potato & Skillet Asparagas

Dec 02 2016

I never heard of a beef tri tip and I grew up around my Uncles slaughterhouse and grocery. I guess they have been popular in California for a long time; and done over a red oak wood fire on an Argentina style grill. They are done kinda hot & fast to the desired doneness. I have done 4 so far and they were done for an hour of smoke at 200 deg. then went to 325 deg. to an IT of 145 deg.

I enjoyed getting back out on my smoker even though it was a cold damp 39 deg. I was glad when I went to my butcher the other day and he had a beef tri tip roast in the meat counter. I have wanted to cook one like a brisket since most in LTBBQ forum have tried it and says they are great.

It weighed 2 ½ lbs. and I trimmed a ½ pound of fat off. Thursday night I rubbed on a little olive oil then seasoned with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and parsley. I wrapped in plastic wrap and in the fridge overnight.

I got the Traeger heated to 210 deg. and after the roast had set out about ½ hour I got it on at 1:00 PM. I planned to eat at 6:00 and hoped to get it done by 4:30, wrap in towels and in the micro wave so I could do the sides.

A half hour in I knew it was going to get done early; I should have known it was not as thick as other tri tips I have done. At grill level I was running 225-230 deg. I was going to wrap at 140 deg. IT but decided to wait until 150 deg. In an hour and 15 minutes it hit 150 deg. IT. I laid it on two sheets of foil, added 3 pats of my gorgonzola garlic chive butter, double wrapped and back on.

To slow it down some I just went to 250 deg. at grill level I usually go to 300 with briskets.  It hit 200 deg. IT at 3:45, 2 ¾ hours total. I wrapped in towels and in the microwave.

At 4:30 I put a potato with potato rod in the oven at 350 deg. to bake 1 ½ hours. I cleaned the asparagus and made the sauce. I found the recipe at Seasons and Suppers by Jennifer and was called Skillet Asparagus Supreme. We love asparagus and this was a little extra good! It went into the oven at 5:30 to bake for 25 minutes. I forgot to get a photo of it out of the oven; I had already plated our plates. It does make a nice presentation.

It all came together at 6:00 and we sure enjoyed it. I served the wife first and poured a little of the pan juice over the beef but it would not have needed it. I sampled a piece while slicing and it was beefy tasting and moist. I toasted some English muffins and we had the gorgonzola butter on it. Before I got set down with my plate the wife said the beef sure is tender! 

Click Here for asparagus recipe link

The trimmed tri tip

Seasoned & ready for the fridge overnight

At 150 deg. IT ready to wrap

Some good butter added

My Skillet Asparagus Supreme ready to bake

Beef ready to slice

Slicing across the grain

My supper

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