Friday, January 19, 2018

Chicken & Noodles

My wife went to the dentist Wed. so fixed her
chicken and noodles for supper. I had some good
Waltz's noodles and Keystone canned chicken to

I added some broth, chopped onions, carrots &
celery to the Crockpot on high while I cooked the
noodles. I added the noodles & more broth, about
5 cups total.

My wife had hers as soup with buttered crackers.
I heated up some Bob Evan's mashed potatoes and
had mine over the mashed potatoes with English
muffins. Tasted good and we are having the
leftovers tonight.

My supper


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    1. Dear Sofiya, this is Don's wife. I just saw your comment today, 6/24/20. I'm sorry to say that Don passed last July, & since I was the clean up crew & prep cook, there won't be any posts. I know he would be very honored w/your comment.

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  3. Dear Ash Green, Just saw your comment & wanted to let you know that Don passed last July. He would be honored w/your comment. He was very talented.