Saturday, September 23, 2017

Pulled Pork and Salsa Potato Salad

09 23 2017

I have been lax about getting my cooks posted so need to get back in the groove. A while back I got an 11 pound pork butt on sale for $1.40 a pound so I couldn’t pass it up.

I had wanted to try what was Eli’s, Cincinnati Ohio, rub of brown sugar, salt and pepper. I got the butt on at 4:00 AM at 250 deg. on my Traeger. At about 7:30 I had a fire that I figured was grease and brown sugar. I shut the smoker down, I had 150 deg. IT in the butt. I placed it in a pan it just fit on a rack and covered with foil. I finished it in my oven at 300 deg. to an IT of 205 deg. After it cooled an hour I pulled it and added some of the degreased pan juices. It was really tender and pulled easily by hand.

I was having sandwiches with Stubbs original sauce and some fried green tomato flavored potato chips. I had made up a new potato salad recipe all the family likes with salsa in it. The recipe is:
2 pound baby Dutch, or any potatoes steamed.
2 heaping TBS. sour cream
1 heaping TBS mayo, Hellman’s or Duke’s preferred.
4 teaspoons salsa, I used Newman’s Own mild
1/2 to one sweet onion sliced thin
Salt & pepper to taste.

Mix all together and let chill a couple hours before serving.

Pork Butt

Ready to smoke

Moved to the oven

Done and cooling


For the potato salad

My supper

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