Sunday, February 10, 2013

Polish Sausage and Homemade Sauerkraut

Feb 08 2013

I had my homemade sauerkraut all done fermenting and would cook it with some Polish sausage and Knopfles, (drop noodles), that my wife always fixes for me.

I had 4 links of Polish sausage from my butcher Kah Meats. I got them on my smoker at 10 AM and smoked them at 170 to 180 for two hours. At noon I pulled them and placed in a Crockpot; I had sprayed with a little olive oil and a layer of sliced onions. I topped that with a quart of the sauerkraut along with the juice. I added some more saved juice and ½ pint of water. We like our kraut sour when cooked, the meat and the noodles take on flavor from the juice.

I cooked this all on high for a little over an hour then went to low until supper time at 6 PM. I cheated on the potatoes; I bought some Yoders refrigerated, mashed garlic redskin potatoes. They are a local company and their potatoes are as good as I can make. Even though pork and kraut is about as easy to make as it gets; when you get old you look for more shortcuts!

The kids came at 6 PM to pick up the grandson. I ask them to stay but they said they were going for pizza. Can you imagine that; passing up some good pork, kraut and noodles for pizza!

We chatted for a while and it was 6:30 when they left. I was hungry and forgot to take a photo of it finished with the noodles mixed in. It sure tasted good; we had some good seeded rye bread with it.
I sure like the homemade kraut better than bought. I think I like a mix of pork rather than all Polish sausage. My New Year’s Day dinner had smoked country style ribs, bratwurst, and brockwurst in it and I like that mix. I also like smoked chops and smoked sausage in it. I always prefer to have it with my wife’s drop noodles. It always tastes better with a good beer; I had a bottle of Bud’s new Black Crown beer.

Kraut and sausage

Ready for the smoker

After 2 hours of smoke

Sausage added to the pot

Kraut added

Ready for the noodles

Noodles added

My Plate

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