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Old Daves Tex Mex Bake

Feb 02 2013

Old Dave’s Tex Mex bake was a recipe in Let’s Talk BBQ that caught my eye. It looked tasty, purdy, and easy to make. I bought the ingredients and it would be my supper for Saturday evening. Dave baked his on a smoker but I decided to do mine in the oven. It was 18 deg. out and felt like 4 below; I would just stay inside and stay warm! I was using meat that was smoked on my Traeger. This would be good with any leftover beef or pork.

Dave used ground beef in his but I had plenty of pulled pork frozen so I used it. I chopped up the pulled pork for smaller pieces. I sautéed some chopped onions in a little olive oil until soft, added the meat until heated through. I mixed in the packet of taco seasoning and added about 4 oz. of Rotel zesty tomato sauce with green chilies. I used mild but if you like hot they have hot. I set the meat to the side while I made up the dish.

I had some garlic butter crescent rolls to use and laid them out in a 10 inch pie dish. I added the meat to the outer edge, some shredded cheddar over it. I folded the points in and added more cheddar to the center. I baked it at 375 deg. for 20 minutes and it was just right.

This will easily feed four, and you can do like Dave by adding some sour cream, salad, and toppings to the middle. I just added some romaine mix and sour cream after plating since I would have a lot left with just the wife and I. I had some refried beans with white cheddar for a side and some sliced black olives over the sour cream. My wife had hers with just the salad and sour cream. We both thought it was good.

It makes a good entre and should feed 6 if you have some good sides with it. It also would make a great snack at a party, salad, toppings added and cut into smaller wedges. Thanks Dave for sharing this recipe!


Chopped meat

Diced onions

Sauce added to the seasoned meat and onions

Meat ready to add

Crescent dough laid out

Meat added, I sprinkled some cheese over the meat

Dough folded over and more cheese added

Ready to serve

My Plate

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