Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Dinner & Son's 40th Birthday

Yesterday we had a party for Memorial Day & my son Jason’s birthday, May 30th, 40 years old! Tonya’s parents came down from Toledo; along with her Grandmother & two of her Nephews. I would be feeding 11, plus two dogs underfoot!

I took the easy way out & ordered 24 pieces of broasted chicken from Beer & Wine Depot. A good price at $19.99 and it is very tasty. I bought 4 lbs. of local made potato salad and would smoke 8 brats from my butcher Kah Meats. I put on a pot of Bush’s grillin beans along with the brats. I did them on smoke for 1 hour & one hour at 225 deg. I sautéed some onions, garlic, & peppers added beer to cover then the brats to hold until time to eat.

For appetizers we had some of my Cajun crackers, smoked and plain cheddar & provolone and some veggies w/dip. For dessert Tonya baked Jason some brownies on a rimmed cookie sheet & chocolate icing, some had Dairy Queen with them. The brownies were delicious. We had local strawberries my wife made some dip for.

I used up the last of BBQ Select’s bourbon pellets to do the brats & beans. I made sure I would get some bourbon taste; I bought my son a bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon, 10 years old; for his birthday. I made sure he understood I got to have some too! My wife & I toured the distillery, Heaven Hills near Bardstown, KY several years ago where Evan Williams is made.

We all enjoyed the food and had fun visiting. Tonya’s father is a Marine Corps Vet who did several tours in Viet Nam; we told some war stories! After dinner we opened the bourbon. The best bourbon I have had in a long time. I think I drank more than my share; I slept pretty good last night!

The Bourbon

The wife & Grandson did the deco

Grillin beans & Tennessee tomatoes

Beans & Brats are done

Peppers & onions sauteed & beer added

Brats added, ones w/toothpicks were hot Cajun

Beans are ready

Beer & Wine Depot's broasted chicken

Close up of the chicken

My Plate

Smokin Don

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  1. Looks like a tasty feast for your son's birthday!