Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crockpot Smothered Pork Chops

Yesterday it was time to trim my grass, I have a lot of trimming to do, all my walks, chain link fence & driveway. I needed a quick & easy meal for supper. I had some of my favorite Bechtle German spaetzel, store bought, to use. Pork chops were a natural to have with them.

I bought 6 thin pork chops and some Bob Evans baked apples for another side. Apples or apple sauce always taste great with pork. I also had some hot dog buns to use so I would make some garlic bread with them. I caramelized two Vidalia onions, browned my chops, made some gravy from a packet of McCormicks brown gravy in the skillet I browned the chops in. All went in the Crockpot to simmer on low all day. I used no fat milk instead of water to make the gravy with.

I got the chops on about 10:30, made my usual daily call to my 90 yr. old Mother and then went to trim my grass. I will mow tomorrow; I used to do it all in a couple of hours but now at 70 I take a lot of breaks!

Supper time I boiled my spaetzel, then in a skillet with some olive oil and 2 tbs. butter to brown up some, nuked the baked apples and toasted my hot dog garlic buns. All tasted pretty good, I think we all had seconds except my grandson, but he ate pretty well. There were left over spaetzel & apples my veggie daughter-in-law could have after work at 7:30 if she wanted.

The onions I took to just where they were getting some good color.

Browning my chops

Chops & onions added to the Crockpot

Gravy added

Chops are done

Spaetzel browning

The hot dog bun garlic bread!

My Plate

Smokin Don

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