Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tri Tip w/Chimichurri and Baked Potato

Dec 17 2015

Our daughter moved back to Ohio from the Chicago area. She is living with us until she gets work and finds a place of her own. She teaches Spanish and got a temp job right away replacing a teacher while on maternity leave. Having our daughter back home and being 73 is different for the wife and me.

Last night we had the grandson after school since his Mom was having a Christmas party for her department at the hospital. He is no bother and we enjoy having him. Just 11 yrs. old and he is better at multitasking on the computer than I am!

My supper was a tri tip roast I had thawed out, baked potatoes, a salad and some garlic knot rolls. I made some chimichurri sauce for on the beef. I had planned to do the tri tip on my Traeger to 130 deg. IT and then searing on the gas grill or inside. This was the third tri tip I have done and this one was a lot thinner than the other two.

I made the chimichurri sauce early. One bunch of parsley, 4 garlic cloves, a teaspoon oregano, salt and pepper, a pinch of red pepper flakes two tablespoons red wine vinegar and a cup of extra light olive oil. I pureed all but the oil in a food processor then mixed in the olive oil.

I trimmed the fat cap off of the tri tip and seasoned it with some Weber’s Chicago steak seasoning on the light side. I had the potatoes in the oven and got the tri tip on my Traeger that was heated to 200 deg. After a half hour I went to 260 deg. grill level and inserted a temperature probe. An hour in it was coming up too fast and was getting a nice color so I decided to skip the searing. I took it to 140 deg. IT and then took inside; tented with foil while I served the baked potatoes.

I had butter and sour cream for the potatoes and we all had our choice of dressing on the salad and some croutons. We all enjoyed the meal. I didn’t think the tri tip was quite as tender as the other two I did. With it being less than two inches thick I think it would have been better done over charcoal or on the gas grill. It was only 34 deg. out so using the gas grill was out for me!

For the Chimichurri sauce

Seasoned and ready to smoke

One hour in at 120 deg. IT

Sliced after a 5 minute rest

My salad

My supper

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