Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sausage Sandwich w/Cahills Irish Porter Cheddar

Apr 29 2015

Fellow LTBBQ member Sandman had given me a generous sample of some Cahills Irish Porter Cheddar to try. I ate one slice and wanted to use some for a cheeseburger. The wife said she would rather have a brat burger. I went to my butcher to get some fresh brats to use but he was out. He had some fresh sausage patties made up so I bought some; since I had to mow grass today that would save me a step making them up.

I asked for suggestions on a condiment to use and got some good replies. I decided to go with about 2/3 mayonnaise and 1/3 Dijon mustard. I know I like mustard with cheddar. I deep fried some onion straws to top the sandwich. They were cut 3mm thick and dusted with a little flour before frying in a saucepan with vegetable oil.

 I heated my Weber up to 350-400 degrees. I seasoned the sausage patties with a little Penzey’s 4S salt and sprayed with a little olive oil. They went on the backside of my Grillen Grates for 5 minutes then flipped. After 4 minutes I topped the patties with the cheese and put my olive oil sprayed buns on to toast. After 2 more minutes the cheese was melting and the buns toasted. I put my mayo mustard on the bottom half of the bun. I took them inside and topped with the onion straws.

We heated up some of my leftover hash brown bake for a side. Those were some great sandwiches, we both liked them. The sausage was moist and the cheese tasted good on it.  I didn’t have a porter but had a Deschutes IPA that was good! I still have two slices of that great cheese left. Tomorrow I will go to Sandmans and get some good porter, set the cheese out to warm to room temperature and enjoy the flavor of the cheese and a porter to wash it down. Thanks Sandman for a great sample!

The last cook I did on the Weber I didn’t get pics of the food on the grill. With me hobbling around like Grandpa Walton it’s a major feat for me to cook in 12 minutes, get a couple of pics, a sip or two of beer, and get the food inside to serve and a final pic. I did it though!

My next burgers will probably be on my Traeger, I have turned out some great burgers at 300 deg. on the Grillen Grates and I have time to drink a beer!

Beautiful mosaic of cheddar and porter

Onion straws

Ready for the grill

One side done

All done


My supper

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