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CP Chicken Ramen Noodle Bowl

Apr 21 2013

It was a cool windy day; winds 20 to 40 mph all afternoon so it was an inside cook for our supper.

A lot of the food blogs and sites have been posting a lot of ramen noodle bowl recipes.  It was making me hungry for some. I could not find true Japanese ramen noodles here so I ordered some from the internet. The LTBBQ member Willy posted his version of a beef noodle bowl. Looked delicious but was more trouble than I wanted so I found a faster easier way to make some chicken ramen. I wanted to use chicken since I knew our veggie daughter in law would eat some.

I was sure I could get a good broth using store bought broth an adding seasoning. I used half chicken stock and half vegetable broth. It took just 4 hours from start to finish preparing and turned out pretty darned good.

I made a couple of parmesan wafers to go along with the soup. A shredded cheese in fine threads works the best. Use a couple Tbs. for each one, sprinkle in a little flour. Heat a skillet on medium high with a little cooking spray add the cheese and spread out thin. When the edges start to brown flip over and do the other side. It only takes about 1 to 2 minutes per side.

The wife and I both liked it and she said the broth was good. We both would have liked a couple more of the parmesan wafers. Out daughter in law and grandson stopped in after his soccer practice and ate a bowl; she said the broth was good too.

Click here for printable recipe


Browning the chicken

Chicken and veggies, seasoning added to the broth

Meat removed from the bones

Sauteing the mushrooms

Parmesan wafers

Ready to serve

My bowl

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