Thursday, April 30, 2015

BBQ Meatloaf and Hash Brown Bake

Apr 28 2015

After lunch today I mixed up a meatloaf and in the fridge to chill a while. I just made it up from the recipe listed below. I had to trim my yard today so the meatloaf could be cooking on my Traeger while I worked. I had some Or Ida frozen hash browns and a recipe from Or Ida sounded good and that would be easy to do at supper time. I had a can of Freshlike sliced small beets I could heat up too. I like the Freshlike brand, just about as good as fresh beets.

I heated up my smoker to 205 deg. and got the meatloaf on at 1:30. After 45 minutes I went to 225 deg. I was trimming grass in the meantime and keeping an eye on my temps with my Maverick ET-732. I was taking a few beer breaks too! When the meatloaf was 100 deg. IT I went to 250 deg. I went to 300 deg. for the last 15 minutes to an IT of 160 deg. The grill level temps were running about 20 deg. hotter than my RTD on the Savannah Stoker V3 but it was holding pretty well with some good smoke cycles. It was done a little after 3:00 about 1 hour 40 minutes total I took it inside and tented to cool and then in the fridge.

I did better at trimming than I thought with my bum leg. At 5:00 I sautéed the onions and peppers and let cool. My wife was at an auction with our son and called to see when she would be home, said she was just leaving; our son had bought a washer and dryer and loading on my truck. I waited until she pulled in the driveway and put the potatoes in to bake and heated the beets with a little butter, salt and pepper.

I nuked some meatloaf for each of us and served supper. Tasted pretty good and note; not my usual amount of bread and butter. Only two slices left and the heel so I took the heel. Wife said the potatoes were extra good so I’ll have to make those again.

Click here for printable recipes for both

Ready to serve


Ready for the smoker

Done at 160 deg. F

Onions and peppers for the hash browns

Hash browns done

My supper

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